SMITE World Championship Wildcard: Event Details

posted December 5th

The SWC Wildcard event will feature our top SCC and SOC teams from each region, and will see them fighting for two available spots in the SWC Placement Round. Due to the ongoing circumstances around COVID-19, this event will be hosted online for both the NA and EU regions.



The SWC Wildcard event will use the following format:

Double-elimination bracket
 Six participating teams per region (top four SCC & top two SOC)
 Best-of-three (Bo3) matches until Grand Finals
Best-of-five (Bo5) Grand Finals matches, with a one-game advantage for the team coming out of the upper bracket

The winning team from each region will move on to the SMITE World Championship Placement Round in January.

As we mentioned above, the top four SCC teams and top 2 SOC teams from both NA and EU will be competing in this event. We have invited the following teams to the Wildcard round, listed in order of seeding for their respective regions:


– Get A Grip (SCC #1)
– Winner Dogs (SCC #2)
– Froggy (SCC #3)
– Hugs & Kisses (SCC #4)
– SpreeeD (SOC #1)
– Mind the Gap (SOC #2)


– Belt Slap (SCC #1)
– The Snake Pit (SCC #2)
– Pikarinoobs 2 (SCC #3)
– smileyface (SCC #4)
– Cold Alpacas (SOC #1)
– Warm Snails (SOC #2)



We’ll be broadcasting the Wildcard bracket over the course of four days on all our official channels, including Twitch, YouTube, and Steam, with two days dedicated to each region’s bracket. The broadcast schedule is as follows:

– December 10 (11:00 AM ET) — EU Bracket Round 1 and Round 2
– December 11 (11:00 AM ET) — NA Bracket Round 1 and Round 2
– December 12 (11:00 AM ET) — EU Bracket Semi Finals and Lower Bracket Finals, Finals
– December 13 (11:00 AM ET) — NA Bracket Semi Finals and Lower Bracket Finals, Finals