SMITE Challenger Circuit: Season 8 Format & Details

posted February 4th

Now that Season 8 of SMITE is well underway, a new season of the SMITE Challenger Circuit is not far behind! We’re excited to announce that the SCC will return in 2021, but with a few minor tweaks based on player and fan feedback.

Keep reading for a complete breakdown of the format for this year’s Challenger Circuit, as well as a roadmap for the season and a brief overview of playoff events.

SMITE Challenger Circuit Format

Instead of four shorter phases throughout the season, this year’s SCC will be broken into two phases that last 10 weeks each and culminate in a playoff event. Here’s a general roadmap for the Challenger Circuit season:


Each phase of the Challenger Circuit will use the following format:


There will be no relegations from SCC to SPL. While we realize that our fans would love to see SPL relegations make a comeback, relegating entire teams in the middle of the season simply isn’t a realistic option, given how long it would take to secure housing and VISA approvals for incoming players.

As outlined in the timeline above, there will SCC Qualifiers hosted at the start of Season 8. More details on how to participate in these qualifiers will be released next week.


SMITE Challenger Circuit Broadcast Schedule


In 2021, the SMITE Challenger Circuit will be broadcast on Thursdays at 1:00 PM ET. Once the SPL kicks off, SMITE Challenger Circuit matches may also be broadcast prior to SPL games, starting at 11:00 AM ET.

As always, you can watch all SCC matches on any of our official channels:


SMITE Challenger Circuit Playoffs


At the end of each Challenger Circuit Phase, we plan to host a playoff LAN for the top teams — provided COVID-19 protocols allow us to safely bring players to the studio for these events. The Circuit Playoffs will be a three-day event that features our top six semi-pro teams:


The #3 SCC team in each region will face off against the #1 SOC team in their region to determine which team will qualify for the Circuit Playoffs. Once all teams are qualified, the format will be as follows:

Further details about the Circuit Playoffs will be announced later in Phase 1.


That’s all the info we have to share for now, but be sure to check out our other announcement for the SMITE Open Circuit as well! And keep an eye out for our SMITE Pro League format announcement later this week. Follow us on Twitter @SmitePro for more updates on the SCC as we get closer to kicking off Season 8!