SMITE Open Circuit: Season 8 Format & Details

posted February 5th

Calling all aspiring pro players — the SMITE Open Circuit is returning for 2021! This open-bracket amateur league is seeing a few changes in Season 8, but will still be just as accessible as it was last year.

Keep reading for more details about the format & season roadmap for this year’s Open Circuit!


SMITE Open Circuit Format


This year’s SMITE Open Circuit will be split into four phases that last four weeks each. These phases will culminate in two playoff events — one after Phase 2 and another after Phase 4. Here’s a general roadmap for the Open Circuit season:


Each phase of the Open Circuit will use the following format:


Top-performing Open Circuit teams will have the opportunity to qualify for the Open Circuit Finals, qualify for mid-season relegations, or earn prizing based on where they finish in the standings at the end of each phase. In order to encourage stronger participation across all phases, teams who have qualified for the Open Circuit Finals in Phase 1 or Phase 3 may not compete in another phase of SOC until they’ve played in their Finals match.

Here’s a full breakdown of what top-seeded teams will earn for their finishes in each Phase:

Phase 1:


Phase 2:


Phase 3:


Phase 4:


SMITE Open Circuit Finals


At the end of Phase 2 and Phase 4, we will host the Open Circuit Finals to award prizing to top-performing teams and determine which SOC team will move on to the SMITE Circuit Playoffs Wildcard match.

The format for these finals is as follows:


The winner of this Open Circuit Finals match will also move on to the SMITE Circuit Wildcard match outlined below.


SMITE Circuit Playoffs Wildcard


As we mentioned earlier in this blog, we will be hosting two Circuit Playoff events that will be open to our SCC and SOC teams. Currently we plan to host both playoffs on LAN, provided that COVID protocols will allow us to fly players to our studio for these events.

Top-seeded SOC teams will not auto-qualify for the main Circuit Playoffs bracket. Instead, they must qualify for the Circuit Playoffs Wildcard in their region by first qualifying for the Open Circuit Finals, then taking first place in the Open Circuit Finals match.

In this Wildcard, the winner of the Open Circuit Finals winner will face off against the #3 SCC team in their region to determine who moves on to the main Circuit Playoffs bracket. We’ll release more details about the Circuit Playoffs and the Wildcard round closer to the start of Phase 2.



That’s all the info we have to share for now, but be sure to check out our other announcement for the SMITE Challenger Circuit as well! And keep an eye out for our SMITE Pro League format announcement later this week. Follow us on Twitter @SmitePro for more updates on the SOC as we get closer to kicking off Season 8!